Linen Tea Towels – Charvet


Tea towels by Charvet Editions, France.  Handsome and hard wearing linen and linen/cotton mix tea towels.

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Linen Tea towels from France by Charvet Editions.

The name Charvet (for most Irish people) is indelibly associated with ex Taoiseach Charlie Haughey who famously bought shirts from its luxury boutique in the Place Vendôme in Paris. However, Charvet has another less publicised side to its business, having been part of the textile industry in Armentières in northern France (known as La Cité de la Toile – fabric city) for more than a century. They became the main producers of industrial natural materials used in workers’ clothing, awnings, naval jackets and home linens. We now stock their handsome and hard wearing linen and linen/cotton mix tea towels and both plain and striped tablecloths.

Available now in a wide selection of colours and motifs:

  • ‘Bon Appetit’ motif in black.  Undyed Linen
  • ‘Bon Appetit’ motif in red.  Undyed Linen
  • ‘Made in France’ in   Undyed Linen
  • Piano Range – Selection of pre-washed naturally dyed Linen/cotton mix colours including: Grenade Green, Old String, Curry Yellow, Raspberry Pink, Linen Grey and Mineral Blue.
Care instructions

– Wash warm, dry low or hang to dry, iron if desired while still damp.
– Avoid bleaching.
– Suggestion: wash and dry with tennis balls to avoid breakage of fibers by helping the fabric to tumble more evenly.

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Old String, Grenade Green, Curry, Raspberry, Linen Grey, Mineral Blue, Bon Appetit black, Bon Appetit red, Made France